Sacred Lomi Lomi Massage

Calm your mind, raise your spirit and feel stress melt away with this therapeutic massage with Hawaiian body oils

Thai Traditional Massage

This is traditional healing technique brought from India. It helps you feel grounded, focused and energized. It consists of gentle rocking, rhythmic compression and passive stretching to open up joints. Thai massage also uses thumb presses along energy lines to release energy flow and release tension.


Increases flexibility
Relaxes tense muscles
Reduces pain
Increases Range of Motion
Relieves muscle-joint stiffness
Enhances body-mind connection
Promotes inner peace and a quiet mind.

"Himalayan Stones" Massage

Our pure salt stones, balance your positive and negative ions and induce deep relaxation.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Gentle massage to activate your lymphatic system and help move and release fluids and toxins accumulated under your skin.

Organic CBD Massage

Medical Massage is using pure CDB oil to treat conditions that have been diagnosed by a Physician. The therapist may use a variety of modalities or procedures during the treatment, but will focus the Medical Massage treatment only on the areas of the body related to the diagnosis and prescription.


Healing energies to balance your body, mind and spirit

Deep Tissue Massage

Get over your chronic aches and pain with this slow and deeper massage.

Exotic Body Sculting Massage

Slim, tone and detox your body with this intense deep lymphatic drainage massage, improving blood flow and elimination of toxins.

Wood Sculting

Contour your body and diminish the "dimple" appearance of cellulite with our Wooden massage rollers, and promoting its elimination through the lymphatic system.

Couples Massage

Enjoy each minute of a romantic massage with the person you love.

Post-Surgical Massages

Post Surgical Lymphatic Massage

Manual Lymph Drainage

Vodder Method

The Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) is a gentle massage technique to help move and release fluid accumulated under the skin, reducing swelling and the discomfort this causes.

This technique also helps to prevent scar tissue formation, softening the tissue and promoting its elimination through the Lymphatic System. Without MLD the inflammation can evolve into fibrosis (a permanent hardening of tissue under the skin) or a seroma (pocket of serum).

When to start?
The sooner you start the better results you will get. The average sessions recommended after surgery are 5-10 sessions, depending of the evolution of every patient.

The swelling and discomfort usually goes down to 50% or more after the first 30 days post-surgery and, this process may take up to 8 months, so we recommend getting a treatment once a month for maintenance during this period of time.

After liposuction, we also use the ultrasound and Ultra-Cavitation to help with inflammation and softens scar tissue. Lypossage is another type of massage deeper than MLD, which will also activate the lymphatic system and helps to maintain results after liposuction.

1 session: $95

5 sessions: $450

10 sessions: $850

oncology massage

Oncology Massage

Skilled Massage therapy won't spread cancer.
This therapy is performed using very slow and light touch, specially if there's inflammation or there has been lymph nodes removal. It promotes relaxation, relieves pain, anxiety, fatigue, nausea and also helps clients to get better sleep. It is required to have a note from your doctor if you have been receiving chemo/radiation therapy during the past 6 months.